Integrated Circuit        

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4-A/4-A dual-channel gate driver with one inverting, one non-inverting input and hystertic logic Texas Instruments 35000 21+ SOIC-8
9-A/9-A single-channel gate driver with split outputs and enable Texas Instruments 35000 21+ SOIC-8
Inverting 4-A/4-A dual-channel low side gate driver Texas Instruments 15000 21+ SOIC-8
5-A/5-A dual-channel gate driver with 5-V UVLO, enable, and inverting/non-inverting inputs Texas Instruments 18000 21+ 8-Pin WSON
Current Limit SW 1-IN 1-OUT 5.5V to 27.5V 1.2A Automotive 32-Pin SOIC NXP Semiconductors 48520 2020+ 32-Pin SOIC
GPS Receiver 1575.42MHz 1.32V/1.89V/3.6V 56-Pin VFQFPN STMicroelectronics 130000 2020+ 56-Pin VFQFPN
Hcmos Microcontroller Unit , 8 HCMOS Microcontroller Freescale Semiconductor, Inc 11250 2011+ SOIC-28
MC68HC05 Microcontrollers Freescale Semiconductor, Inc 35620 2009+ PLCC-44
MCU 8-bit CISC 504B EPROM 3.3V/5V 16-Pin SOIC W Freescale Semiconductor, Inc 28000 2011 SOIC-16
MC68HC705C8A : Microcontroller Freescale Semiconductor, Inc 7524 2011 PLCC-44
Chmos 16-bit Microcontroller Corporation Intel Corporation 11230 2011+ PLCC-52
MC68HC711E9 : Microcontroller Freescale Semiconductor, Inc 11520 2019+ PLCC-52
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc Freescale Semiconductor, Inc 6520 2019+ QFP
P87C554 80C51 8-bit Microcontroller - 12 Clock Operation, 16K/512 OTP/RAM INTEL 3562 2009+ PLCC-68
P87C552 80C51 8-bit Microcontroller 8K/256 OTP INTEL 5623 2011 PLCC-68
P87C552 80C51 8-bit Microcontroller 8K/256 OTP, 8 Channel 10 Bit A/D, I2C, PWM, Capture/compare, High IO, Low Voltage (2.7 V To 5.5 V), Low Power INTEL 7500 2011 PLCC-68
MC68HC705J1A : Microcontroller Freescale Semiconductor, Inc 28530 2015+ SOIC-20
10dB LSB 1-Bit Digital Attenuator SMT, DC - 5 GHz Hittite Microwave Corporation 6524 2019+ 16-VQFN