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Hittite Microwave Corporation
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The HMC424G16 is a Broadband 6-bit GaAs IC digital Attenuator in a 16 lead glass/ metal (hermetic) surface mount package. Covering DC to 3 GHz, the insertion loss is less than 3 dB typical. The Attenuator bit values are 0.5 (LSB), 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 dB for a total attenuation of 31.5 dB. Attenuation accuracy is excellent at 0.5 dB typical step error with an IIP3 of +32 dBm. Six control voltage inputs, toggled between 0 and -5V, are used to select each attenuation state at less than 70 A each. A single Vee bias of -5V allows operation at frequencies down to DC.

By Hittite Microwave Corporation

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